Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some basic FAQ's in regards to the upgrading of your septic system.

How much will this cost? Septic repairs average around $9,000 to $15,000 to replace a drainfield. An upgrade can vary from a few hundred dollars to $1500 depending on what equipment is required. SEE OUR QUOTE FORM, note this will show in a new window.

What is done to upgrade a septic system? Expose top of tank, cut out place to put new T-Fitting and Effluent Filter, put riser system to ground level.

How long will my field last? Approximately two to three times as long as it would without the upgrade.

How long will my filter last? The filter is rinsed off once a year and lasts three to five years. It has a replacement cost of under $50.

Can I purchase "Septic Field Failure Insurance?" This may be an option.

Can I recycle my septage? We are working on that; we currently use recycled styrofoam for repairing drainfields.

What are the government regulations involved for septic systems? You must use an approved agency for your repair or new construction.

What paperwork is involved for the upgrade? We take care of all paperwork.

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