Septic System Product Distribution Opportunity
Dear Distribution Partner,

Regarding Two Specific Products: Poly Tank | Poly Rock Drainage Material

There is a new opportunity to generate new revenue AND win new customers who are building homes in rural areas.

Prior to the regulatory changes to septic systems in 2007, distributors made revenue on sales of septic tanks, distribution boxes, pipe, fittings and a variety of other accessories. Once it became unlawful for anyone, except an "authorized person" to design and install a septic system; supply stores were cut out of the picture since no one could install their own system. The cost of septic systems went skyhigh and then there was a public outcry.

Due to public disapproval, in 2010 the BC Union of Municipalities proposed changes to regulations. Finally, the BC government approved regulatory amendments to allow home owners and contractors to put in their own system under authorized supervision. WE PROVIDE THIS SERVICE.

It is now a profitable business decision to stock and sell septic system components.

We will provide you with a local technical representative, training, and promotional literature to aid your sales team in showing the features and benefits of our products / design services and the convenience for your customers to purchase a complete package from your store.

Your entry cost for this opportunity (A Tank and Poly Rock ) is under $1500.

Thank you for reviewing the information above and we look forward to discussing this great opportunity for you to win new customers and create a new revenue stream. Our goal is to have BC set up for comprehensive distribution by Spring of 2019; we can extend NET 30 and FREE SHIPPING to NEW DISTRIBUTORS prior to APRIL 15th 2019.

The Turtle Man