Installing Septic Systems under the GOVERNMENT APPROVED

Do-It Yourself Option

Excavation Contractors: Thank you for reviewing this PROFITABLE opportunity!

Re: Septic Systems installed under the Ministry of Health Home Owner Install option.

Dear Excavation Contractor,

Note: This email is directed to NON-CERTIFIED EXCAVATION CONTRACTORS in British Columbia that would like to install septic systems under the Ministry of Health Home Owner Installation Option.

This option gives you the opportunity of providing excavation services (legally) for home owners that would like to install their own septic system.

To use this option the home owner must fill out an ONLINE FORM to qualify.
If they are successful we send them a response that lets them know the next step, which is a *site investigation. Once we have checked out the site we provide an INVOICE / QUOTE for our services. Note that you will get a 15% commission on all products and services we provide, plus ALL EXCAVATION / LABOUR work.

It is important that you do the excavation for the site investigation to keep things on track.

So...How do you get in on this PROFITABLE opportunity? Please contact Jim Ripley to discuss details of how the program works and your working relationship as a DEALER FOR POLY ROCK.

We will work with you to make projects go as smooth as possible using great products from Poly Rock & Turtle Tanks.

*site investigation: Digging two six foot holes in the septic system area and doing percolation tests or permeameter tests.

Jim Ripley

(250) 863-8372

The Turtle Man